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Sex with girlfriend

How Sex Improves Overall Health

Sex is very good for good healthy life and frequency of which will help in many other ways to boost your internal and external well being. Studies have shown that sex has numerous benefits and people have never gone into the healthy part of sex at all looked at it only from the point of seeking pleasure and satisfaction.

The increase in oxygen levels and reduction in stress will surely show results in the skin, the creases and wrinkles formed are due to premature ageing and stress levels. Sex helps to reduce these and makes your skin glow. The radiant skin also helps you to look much younger than your actual age.

Healthy Sex

People having body image problems and feel ashamed of their bodies should have regular sex which helps them not be overtly critical of their bodies and learn to appreciate what they have and move on in life. Body image issues come from the fact how society wants to perceive us but everyone need not be certain body type and choose to be whatever he/she wants and sex helps gain that confidence.

As you age, bone strength decreases this due to the dip in oestrogen levels in testosterone levels in men. Regular sex will help the secretion by acting as a catalyst and in turn prevent osteoporosis. It is also a good form of exercise as older couples find it difficult to perform strenuous workouts, regular sex gives them the much needed exercise.

Pleasure can be deciphered to a feel good instance, this is what sex does and it may seem momentary but it really helps to keep the blues at bay. People who are depressed and have low self esteem can be helped by encouraging them to have frequent sex with their partners and the emotional and physical bonding surely will amp up the results.