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Sex is important for marriage life

Sex is an absolute pleasure to experience. Most of the people who get involved in sex consider it as a pleasure but not as an important one for marriage relationship. You know, there are a lot of broken marriages because of unsuccessful sexual life. If the sexual life is successful between the husband and wife they can be successful in marriage life. A successful sexual life is most important for successful marriage life. Both the husband and wife should realize that they should satisfy each other through sex. Sex is a pleasure for both the persons and it connects them closer. Sex therapists say that sex is most important for marriage.

Beautiful sex

Benefits of sex in marriage

Sex gives an unspeakable intimacy between the husband and wife. Getting involved in sex regularly not only gives satisfaction but also affection between them. As they get engaged in sex they participate with whole heart, mind and soul. As they satisfy and get satisfied each other, they could feel the love in between. Husband should realize that wife needs sexual satisfaction and the wife should realize that husband needs sexual satisfaction. Sex unleashes the pleasure and increases the romance between them. During sex the endorphins such as oxytocin and dopamine are released and these endorphins create the feeling of trust and wellbeing of each other.


Couples that have regular and successful life will be happy about each other and they will get intimate in love and affection more than ever each time. Moreover they could be flexible for each other it creates an adjustment and overlooking nature between their relationship that strengthens their bond and keeps their love fresh. Sex unleashes the pleasure of body, pleasure of the soul and the pleasure of romance between the hearts. Sex keeps the marriage young and ensures that both are made for each other.